We provide consulting and support for businesses, funds, and individuals to help maximise the impact of their giving. Our tailored solution includes strategic consultation, project management, and project searchwork. Areas of work focus on children, youth, and sustainable development.

We work to support our customers from concept to implementation in order to turn social and environmental project ideas into a reality, whether it deals with falling birthrates, climate change, elementary education, or health. We help break complex issues into simple and manageable ones. Often we find that issues are interrelated, but what is the best starting point? What problems are the most pressing for a specific issue area? What resources can be used? What does a good solution look like?

We help our clients understand and define these problems and combine efforts with them to solve them. Here the right strategy, defining goals and the right action plan, is what makes all the difference. With such a strategy and flexibility to respond to ever-changing conditions, and with continued work based on trust and sensitivity, our clients can make a measurable and lasting difference in solving social problems.

We can build a strategy, from defining appropriate projects and organisation to managing projects and finding resources.